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Payroll MasterCard

Cardholder Benefits:


Prepaid Cards for network marketers have become a cost effective way to pay commissions, residuals and royalties to affiliates…with issuing banks in several countries, Local Heroes has the flexibility to design a customized program to service your specific payment needs...our mobile interface allows companies to manage payments from anywhere and offers high-dollar transfers to bank accounts in the US and overseas... Prepaid Cards are linked to multiple accounts in turn providing more flexibility to recipient cardholders...


  • Save money on out-of-pocket medical/dental expenses, (US only) a completely free program with no expiration date that provides pre-negotiated discounts of up to 80% at over 500,000 physicians, dentists and healthcare providers; including pharmacies, hearing & vision care providers, 24/7 tele-medicine and much more, (see chart below for details). Compare this benefit to other discount medical/dental plans that typically cost $29.95 per month and more. (This is not insurance)


  • Direct deposit or bank to card deposit of your earnings or commissions, card loading performed by employers each scheduled pay period.  Funds are available immediately.


  • Free cashing of all  paper checks, this feature available for any check payments including tax refunds, government checks or recurring benefit payments.


  • Free convenient Bill Pay Application, pay all your bills through the mobile interface.


  • Move Money to family members, with Companion or Secondary Cards.  Simply order your personalized Companion or Secondary Card from the Cardholder website. Receive up to 4 Cards free of charge.


  • Free Personal Financial Manager, take advantage of advanced household cash management applications with the online Personal Financial Management tools, including;


    • Budget Tool: Create a personal budget, compare your spending against your budget.
    • Transaction Tracker:  Categorize every purchase transaction for tax purposes.
    • Digital Safety Deposit Box:  Unlimited digital document storage for important documents like tax returns, appraisals,
      insurance and legal documents, etc.
    • Asset Manager:  Create a Personal Balance Sheet to see exactly where you stand.


  • Never forget to record a payment or deposit, your electronic check register does it for you, in real-time. No guess work.  Calculates your actual new balance automatically, allowing you to avoid a decline at the cash register. Sends free SMS text alerts in real-time.


  • Free SMS text alerts or emails, for your actual transactions, payments, deposits and budget alerts.  Know exactly what your cash balance is at all times


  • Mobile Recharge with all major cellular providers


  • No hidden fees, never an NSF or Overdraft Fee, (typical with major bank issued cards).  No minimum balance required.


  • Free Credit Scores, monitor your credit score on demand for free


  • All funds on your Prepaid Card are fully FDIC insured, just like with any other bank account or credit/debit card


  • Your purchases are protected by the MasterCard™ Zero Liability Policy


  • If you lose your Card, you have not lost your money.  Just order a Replacement Card, your money remains safe.


  • Your MasterCard™ Prepaid Card is safer than cash, accepted worldwide, no need for traveler or traditional checks.  Reduce risk of theft or injury-never carry around large sums of cash; store your cash on your card instead


  • You can use your card anywhere Mastercard™ is accepted worldwide; in person, online or by phone. Load funds on your Card online or at thousands of retail locations across the US.


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