Payment Solutions-Executive Overview


Local Heroes, USA--Payment Solutions Division

Executive Overview


Local Heroes Payment Division is a leading provider of safe, secure and discrete e-commerce payment solutions servicing financial institutions, employers, merchants and consumers in several countries.  Local Heroes leverages its GeN “X” processing technology to deliver fully integrated payment solutions that meet the most challenging requirements of our clients. Whether a transaction occurs on the internet, with a financial services institution, a healthcare facility or payroll card transaction at a variety of small to medium size employers, Local Heroes has applications and card products to offer our clients these high-value solutions. In conjunction with our bank issuing partners, Local Heroes can offer a suite of financial Applications, including credit, debit, stored value, bill pay, microloans, international remittance and mobile top-up.  Plug and play Applications capable of servicing a large and diverse consumer base that are un/under banked.


Local Heroes maintains Agent Agreements with corresponding banks in the U.S., Mexico U.K., Antigua, Costa Rica and the Isle of Man.  LHU has relationships with a number of global financial institutions and provides the software necessary to support the issuance, processing and settlement of debit and credit cards throughout several countries.  Local Heroes payment solutions are created and designed to enhance the business of our internal Programs and with our ISO's, Sub-agents, Merchants and their customers.  Through a network of financial institutions located around the world, Local Heroes can assist companies in either marketing an existing prepaid debit card or assist our client’s in developing their own prepaid BIN, (Bank Identification Number). In conjunction with our partners, working directly with Visa and MasterCard, Local Heroes is uniquely qualified to guide companies through the issuance/activation process necessary to launch a variety of prepaid applications to market


PREPAID DEBIT CARD ISSUING   LHU issues and processes prepaid debit card cards for a number of global applications.  Through our network of financial institutions located throughout the world, Local Heroes can assist companies in either marketing a LHU prepaid debit card or assist the client in developing their own card product.  Working with Visa and MasterCard, Local Heroes is uniquely qualified to guide companies through the issuance process to bring a new card to market.


PROGRAM MANAGEMENT  Local Heroes issues a series of virtual banking accounts and debit cards that are used by its clients as an added value product to build revenue within their businesses.  Many times, these clients are experts in their specific field but do not understand the card business and have no desire to learn.  The LHU payment solutions are well suited to handling a large number of applications for its clients.  Local Heroes has created some universal solutions “in-a-box” for organizations to bring to their markets in a minimal amount of time to enable them to concentrate on sales and marketing versus payment products, card issuance and the management of these processes.

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