Ode to Local Heroes

Local Heroes

Who are they?

Just as it sounds,

People with a vision

The stewards of a great mission


These Local Heroes

Not ordinary people

Special are they

See it in their faces

As they build

A world of better places


How, you ask?

So easy, so simple

Just helping one another

To see the Light,

Flickering in our hearts,

 So bright


No tunnel, nor darkness,

Just beautiful Light

Emanating from our Source,

Shine upon us,

With Divine Force


Local Heroes

See that Light,

Walk in its glow

 With joy

And such delight


No government here

Nor never will they interfere

Just people who care

Creating Communities that share


A Better Community for All

To be sure

Local Heroes

Come One, Come All 

Join Us in Hands,

As United We Stand!