Good News Only/Tourism Update

Local Heroes has begun development of Good News Only Television,(GNO). Just like anyone who receives MSNBC or CNN streaming over the internet, GNO will look and act the same. Viewers are guaranteed that only “good news” content will be broadcasted on the station.   In order to chronicle the Angel Card Project, the first affiliate station of GNO, (Local Heroes TV) will begin programming in Q3, 2013.  Any Merchant or Cardholder that participates in Local Heroes Programs is qualified to make submissions and can even create their own podcast type videos and post them for other Local Heroes Members that may have an interest in the pre-recorded content.  Depending on the type of content these “Hero-Casts” will be viewed on a fee per view basis by interested Angel Card/other Program Members.  It is our belief  that GNO will catch on with a variety of advertisers, including the Local Heroes initial Merchants.  There is also plans for Good News Only Magazine that will compliment the television station in spreading our message and will contain articles about individuals and companies that are philanthropic and are making a difference in communities around the world.


GNO was originally conceived to track and document the progress of the launch of the Angel Card Programs in Mexico.   We plan that Good News Only will provide an alternative to a society that has become addicted to repetitive and sensational journalism.   And a media climate that rarely offers viewers a chance to see what real conditions exist in our world.  If we are successful in showcasing solutions to problems, especially ones that Local Heroes are engaged that this brand of programming will find a home a potentially very large audience. Submit Story

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