Merchant Processing

  • Through its relationships with a number of international and domestic banks, Local Heroes has developed a very competitive merchant acquiring business for merchants who transact business globally.  In many cases, merchants are forced to use multiple processors because of the broad nature of their business but LHU has brought together a network of partner banks that provide worldwide coverage and attractive acquiring rates close to Interchange.


  • Merchants wishing to have a credit/debit card comparison of your current rates and fees simply fax a copy of 2 recent statements, (high and low season) and a side by side quotation will be completed within 24 hours. To apply for an account click on credit card processing tab and open the fast print application and return, most approvals are also provided within 24 hours.

  •  Local Heroes guarantees that the monthly costs for the program terminal will not change and there is no need to ever change a bank account.  We will be offer other services including high speed communication , very competitive processing rates, other value added applications such as SKU matching and flexible/turnkey CRM programs.