Local Heroes has developed a unique transaction-based model, built on the same principals as the credit and debit card networks controlled by Visa and MasterCard. Coined by our development team as the “third rail”, the GeN “X-2” Platform can process electronic transactions and add value, (inreal-time) in many ways that the credit and debit card networks cannot. More significantly, each and every transaction will generate and route an immediate, ACH donation into the bank account of our member nonprofits, NGO's, churches and schools, (value can even be loaded onto a special Prepaid Card that is issued to teachers). Unlike any of the other financial processing networks, Local Heroes has designed in GeN "X-2 Platform to accommodate several unique business and humanitarian models and our initial implementation of these Programs are now underway in Northern California and the States of Guanajuato/Queretaro in Mexico.




Four Cards that could Change the World...

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