Reverse Immigration Model


There are 750,000 undocumented workers in the 4 South Bay Counties where Local Heroes Angel Card Project is underway.  Our research has indicated that more than 50% of these individuals would travel back to their home villages if they were assured that conditions would be different upon their return.  The family unit, (in Mexico especially) is, (with church), the most important part of their culture.  It is difficult for these individuals to leave in the first place and then they come to the US only to send money to help their families back home and are forced to live in extreme conditions and are viewed as a pariah of society, often mistreated.

Through the implementation with the Christian Churches in the South Bay, Local Heroes has developed a Program to incentivize undocumented workers to return home.  Local Heroes Cardholders from all Programs would select an individual in their community that has signed up for the Reverse Immigration Program.  These Cardholders would then sponsor these individuals and through use of the Angel Card at South Bay Merchants, would in turn provide the financial assistance needed to send the person they have sponsored a return trip home.

Reverse Immigration Model.pdf