Prayer for Peace & Justice

With the grace and mercy of God may leaders of all nations soon begin to lighten their hearts and focus their efforts on finding pathways of compassion, understanding and cooperation.  May we all pray that these leaders will begin to open sincere lines of communication with their counterparts in other countries.  May they set an agenda of peace and security, a more shared & balanced prosperity.  May they begin to build sustainable communities for all persons in their homelands.  


May all nations work in consort to deliver a universal message of justice and equality for all people regardless of borders, race, creed or religion.  May the generation we are living in today, bear witness to the end of extreme poverty and so much unnecessary suffering.  May hopelessness and despair be replaced with joyfulness and love for one another.  May we awaken to a world where we realize that we are all brothers and sisters, each with our own contribution to making a better world for our children and for generations to come.  


May God bless our planet and may God Speed be upon those most in need.


 angel card project

Good News Only Television

Local Heroes has begun development of Good News Only Television,(GNO). Just like anyone who receives MSNBC or CNN streaming over the internet, GNO will look and act the same. Viewers are guaranteed that only “good news” content will be broadcasted on the station. In order to chronicle the Angel Card Project, the first affiliate station of GNO, (Local Heroes TV) will begin programming in Q3, 2013. Any Merchant or Cardholder that participates in Local Heroes Programs is qualified to make submissions and can even create their own podcast type videos and post them for other Local Heroes Members that may have an interest in the pre-recorded content. 

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