The Light of Christ—Mission Statement


The Light of Christ mission is to spread the glorious word of God to all that have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart open to the graces that pour out from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Through a vast array of Christian content this website and all parties to it will strive to honor our mission and our call to service. It is our solemn promise to disclose precisely where all revenues, including specifically where donations are routed and will make historical and current detailed information available on our website.


Local Heroes, USA —Sister Company


Over the past several years Local Heroes has designed and developed a suite of software components, (GeN "X-2" Platform) built based on the same principals as the credit and debit card networks controlled by Visa and MasterCard. Together these components support several unique/proprietary Program Models that can dramatically increase sales at small/medium size businesses while keeping more dollars circulating in the communities where the transactions take place.   Each transaction simultaneously directs donations to local nonprofit organizations, schools and churches in these same communities. The software and associated Program Models will finally level the playing field and competitive disadvantage between Main Street and Wall Street.  Although not planned, the timing of our efforts has enabled Local Heroes to be part of the solution.  There exists a heightened awareness in the minds of businesses and consumers in communities large and small. Local Heroes looks forward to providing its technology and Programs so that Main Street can compete in a business environment that is more balanced.


The application of the Program Models has the potential to create thousands of sustainable and good paying jobs in each and every community in which they operate; resulting in the building of better relationships between Member businesses, local and state government. Most importantly will be the ongoing/residual benefit to participating communities as a whole and increased foot traffic to Member businesses in most every retail and service sector.  Each and every transaction will directly benefit those in the community who are less fortunate in a respectful and responsible manner with full accountability to all Program participants.  The Programs will provide the inspiration for all stakeholders to work together for the greater good of the community. The Models offer common sense solutions and a more proactive approach to dealing with many long-term problems that for too many years have eroded small businesses economic viability and in many cases their very existence.


Humanitarian Project

Hands 4 Hope 4 All Humanity


After setting up operations in Mexico over 3 years; spending considerable time in isolated villages; bearing witness to unimaginable suffering, the management of Local Heroes decided to adapt it GeN "X" software in order to accommodate  several humanitarian Programs that have begun implementation.  The Programs will provide precise accountability to donors and their application hold great promise of a better tomorrow for people living in extreme conditions (in remote regions), anywhere in the world.  The Programs have the potential to establish a higher standard for charitable giving and be the catalyst for dramatic changes to human suffering as we know it today.


The UseCard Model, (first of its kind) is a stored value system that offers banks, cellular providers and Microfinance Institutions a processing engine that will provide access to electronic transactions for the 60% of the world population who are unbanked and forced to live in a cash-only society.  The software has been designed to seamlessly integrate within existing banking platforms, ATM Networks and with our own proprietary mobile and ATM applications.  The Program has the potential to attract millions of individuals who have no choice but to transact using cash, which inherently comes with a host of personal security issues.  The UseCard Model enables people of all income levels the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cashless transactions through a proprietary  stored-value card and corresponding mobile wallet account.


Micro-Credit & Extreme Need Funds


As part of this initiative, the Extreme Need Fund will offer one time or short-term financial assistance to qualifying parties who are in need due mostly to circumstances beyond their control.  Local Heroes has also established a Micro-Credit Fund that will provide low cost Microloans to entrepreneurial individuals and communities.  The fund is increased from each and every Angel Card Transaction and Local Heroes will donate 10% of its revenues to the Micro-Credit and Extreme Need Funds in addition.