Prepaid Debit


Card Purchase & Activation--$9.95--One Time Fee
Monthly Maintenance Fee--$4.95

Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard® provides you the freedom and security to make purchases and withdraw cash anywhere in the world that MasterCard® is accepted without the need to apply for a bank account.  Unlike a credit card the Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard® only uses money you load, so you never worry about getting into debt or overdrawing your bank account. By using the Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard® you eliminate the risk of carrying cash.  With PIN number protection, if the card is lost or stolen, it can be cancelled, and the funds transferred to a replacement card sent within 24 hours.

Load Card-at all Local Heroes locations or online--Free of Charge

From your Personal Bank Account via ACH:

In order to sends funds to your Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard®, all you will need to know what is your Cards linked Bank Account Number and Vista Bank Routing Number. All available by logging into the Cardholder website

After logging in, place your mouse over “Transfer Funds Tab”, a drop down menu will appear, click on “Direct Deposit Account Info”, this will display your Account Number and Routing Number to receive funds from another institution, you will need both the Account Number and Routing Number to send funds from your existing Bank Account, enter the amount you want to send to your prepaid card and submit the transfer. The bank from which you are funding your debit card may charge you a fee to transfer the funds.

Reload with Cash at any EmpaSys Retail Location:  

To find the EmpaSys location closest to you, call 1-866-EMPASYS (367-2797) from 8:30am to 5:30pm CST (Central Standard Time) Monday thru Friday to speak with an EmpaSys representative.

Direct Deposit: Free of Charge

Have all or part of your paycheck or government benefits payment deposited to your Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard, (up to $5,000 per month). Enroll Now! Simply complete, (or download from website) the Direct Deposit Form and provide it to your employer.

Click here to download a copy of the Employee Direct Deposit form.

Make Purchases/Transfer Funds

With your Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard you are free to make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide.  Transfer money instantly to family members/friends in Mexico for up to 75% less money than at Western Union, MoneyGram, Green Dot and check cashing stores without all the hassle.  The Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard can be used to receive cash-back at merchants and used to make online purchases 24/7

Since you only spend money that you have loaded to the card, you can be confident that you are not risking mounting interest fees.

When using your Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard® and PIN is easy, simply swipe your Card through a merchant terminal. You can choose either a “credit” or “debit” transaction. If you choose debit, you will need to enter your ATM PIN. These transactions are FREE of charge, you can also get cash back at retail stores and use your card for online purchases.

When using your card at a gas station, simply go into the gas station and pay the cashier. Do not pay at the pump or a hold will be put on your card. At hotels, your card may have a $100 hold.

Feel secure that by carrying the Local Heroes Prepaid  MasterCard® all of your purchases are backed by the security of MasterCard® worldwide.

ATM Withdrawal--Free at several Local Heroes Merchant sites; 1 free per month at EmpaySys; ($1.50 regular fee)

Transfer Funds-to Family Members

Now you have a simple way of sharing funds with family members and having control of how much they spend. Instantly load funds onto a Companion Card, (free of charge) from the Cardholder website.

The Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard may have up to 3 companion cards in the US/Mexico for sharing funds with family members/friends. Each subsidiary card is connected to your Prepaid MasterCard and associated bank account and family members pay no direct fees for their transactions as any fees are deducted from your Cardholder account.  

You may also transfer funds from your Local Heroes MasterCard to another Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard by simply linking both cards. Login to your account online and choose “link card”, then continue to set the amount to transfer and submit. The funds are immediately available on the linked card.

Pay Bills

With the Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard you not only save time by shopping and paying bills on-line but have the convenience of buying items such as airline tickets that increasingly require a credit card number.

Pay your bills at thousands of registered companies online directly from your account.  You can pay most utilities, banks, auto financing, credit card and cellular companies as well as most other types of businesses accepting electronic payments.

With fraud and identity theft becoming a bigger issue each year, your Local Heroes MasterCard is a safer way to protect your identity and make purchases on unfamiliar websites as you only need to load as much funds as are required for that purchase.

Local Heroes-Prepaid MasterCard Silver Benefits-Flyer.pdf
Local Heroes Prepaid MasterCard--Platinum Level Benefits.pdf