Local Heroes began operations in Mexico and the US in July of 2008, although the parent company, (Local Heroes was formed in 2004).  There are 4 distinct Program Models that are designed around different audiences but all essentially function based on the same principles.  The Local Community, University and Tourism Programs have been in the planning and development stage for the past 36 months and will launch in September of 2013.  Local Heroes has recently taken delivery of the first 100,000 Angel Cards for its initial implementation in the Santa Clara County.  The Program in Mexico will be implemented in the cities of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Leon and Queretaro starting in  Q-1, 2014.  The company has successfully implemented similar Programs in the US and Canada, including Dine One and On Campus Rewards.  The first application will provide charitable donations in local communities throughout Santa Clara County, (estimated to be $16M in the first year).  The Company website is Local Heroes, the Ministry site for the Angel Card Project is The Light of Christ Ministry's