Angel Card Fundraising Program

Angel Card Project

The Angel Card Programs were developed specifically for church and charity organizations and are designed to increase charitable donations by as much as 80%.  As a Member of your Church Community, participation will automatically give back, (tithe) year-round.  An initial donation is made, (based upon Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Archangel Membership Levels). Ongoing donations are generated each and every time an Angel Card is presented for purchases at local-only restaurants, entertainment, retail and service Merchants.  Think of it as giving to the collection basket every time a Card is swiped at participating Merchants or when shopping online in the Angel Card Portal.  All the while, receiving valuable discounts, incentives and exclusive promotions, soon at 100's of participating Merchants in and around the surrounding communities.  


Local Heroes began operations in Mexico and the US in 2004.  There are 4 distinct Program Models that are designed around different audiences but all essentially function based on the same principles.  The Local Community, University and Tourism Programs have been in the planning and development stage for the past 36 months and will launch in October & November of 2013.  Local Heroes has recently taken delivery of the first 100,000 Angel Cards for its initial implementation in the Santa Clara County.  The company has successfully implemented similar Programs in the US and Canada, including Dine One and On Campus Rewards.  The Merchant website is located @


Local Heroes Membership Programs are designed to support a more socially-balanced environment in which business and consumers exchange value.  Each transaction provides valuable savings to Program Cardholders each time they support local-only Member businesses.  The software electronically deducts a designated portion of the transaction amount from Cardholders who benefit from Membership in the Program.  The value is then instantly transferred as a charitable donation to the church or charity where the Member enrolls.  The funds are sent, (each business day) to the bank account of the beneficiary and a tax receipt is issued to Cardholders.  The donations will directly benefit ministries and programs only in communities where the transactions take place.   Beneficiaries include schools, churches, nonprofits organizations, the homeless and Local Heroes' Extreme Need & Micro-credit Funds. 

The GeN X" Platform will dramatically enhance marketing and promotional efforts of Member businesses year-round.   Value-added Applications provide Merchants with turn-key access to electronic marketing programs, (including statistical/historical data).  The Programs will help Main Street better compete in a market facing more and more competition from large corporations/multi-national chains.  For years these corporations have been able to outspend local businesses with advertising campaigns and electronic marketing programs supported by an unending supply of resources.   With Local Heroes, participating Merchants benefit from their designation and recognition as part of a community based program that promotes local-only businesses.  The Programs offer common sense solutions and a more proactive approach to dealing with many long term problems that over the years have harmed small business.  The increased traffic and greater discretionary spending at local Merchants will lead to the creation of good paying and sustainable jobs. The increased commerce at these same local businesses will keep more dollars circulating throughout the entire community.